Once, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley arrived at the Weasley house. When they got inside, Mrs. Weasley told Ginny to go upstairs. Ginny said, "Um, okay." She then went upstairs. Mrs. Weasley told Harry to take a seat at the table. Harry did and Mrs. Weasley said, "Oh, Harry. I'm so glad you're going to part of the family." Harry said," Uh, no. Ginny and I are just dating-" Mr. Weasley interrupted him, saying, "You listen here, boy. If you fuck my daughter, I will fuck you up." "Mr. Weasley. Ginny and I aren't like that-" "Bullshit. Shut the hell up. I know how you teenagers are, so you just be warned: If you put your little wand inside my Ginny, that's the last spell your sorry ass is gonna cast." "Yes, sir." Fred said, "Oh, Harry. Speaking of sex-" "Here are some Weasley-brand condums," George finished. He handed Harry the condums. He said that they made life feel enchanting. Mr. Weasley said, "You stupid bastards! Shut the hell up!" George said, "Alright, Dad. We won't give him the condums." Fred offered, "But, Harry. We'll give you this for Ginny." He pulled out a wand that spun in circles. An angry and annoyed Mr. Weasley said, "Fred, come on!" Percy asked what his plans were for the future and Harry said that first he had to kill Voldemort, but Percy said, "You idiot! You don't have time for Voldemort. What if Ginny gets pregnant, then how are you gonna take care of her...and the baby?" Harry said, "Well this piece of shit you call a home has like 20 stories, so I guess we'll be fine." "Fuck you, Potter!" Mr. Weasley said. "You're fucking my daughter, and now you're insulting my own home."

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