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This episode was recently named Nightwing's Origin. Batman sells the Batcomputer for crack money. Robin comes in asking for a loan. After Batman asks him why, he reveals he wants to be a new superhero. He is tired of batman's crap. Batman calls him Gaybird while Robin leaves, thus the birth of Nightwing and the end of Dick Grayson! He rents a hotel room and calls it the Nightwing Nest! Commissioner Gordon� calls batman, but Nightwing answers. he tells Nightwing that The Heath Ledger Joker has escaped! Joker has a "barter" with his two minions when Nightwing arrives. After a short fight, Batman comes and wears Joker down. After a hard fought battle, Nightwing pins down Joker and kills him, threatening Heath Ledger and calling him a douchebag.


Nightwing never re-joined with Batman and continued being his own superhero, but without Batman supporting him he kinda ran out of money.

He now lives in a cardboard box somewhere down in the hood and has a job as a Wal-Mart greeter, the worst possible job any human could have.

� Batman returned to his Batcave, drank a slushy, ate an ice cream bar, took a crap, and went to sleep. He didn't really care that his sidekick was gone.

The only reason he had come to help in Nightwing's fight was to beat the tar out of The Joker.

That's just how he gets his jollies.

Joker's body got eaten by a pack of wild wolves.


Forrestfire101 - Batman, Robin\ Nightwing, Minions

HOSER76 - Heath Ledger Joker

Riley Whaley - Commissioner Gordon