As Batman finishes typing on The Batcomputer, Robin comes in with his briefcase and says to Batman that he is tired of Batman treating him like cramp and leaves. Batman decides to interview some people to be a sidekick. He interviews Boba Fett, who says he has many rockets of fire power. Batman asks him how many miles does his jet pack go from the ground, and Boba Fett says 3. Batman then says,"Get out!" He interviews Indiana Jones but refuses to keep his sidekicks. He tells Spider-Man that he is the best candidate he has interviewed so far and hires him. Robin then arrives at the villains hideout and tells them he has stolen a bomb off Batman. Also, that he wants to wear black, and wants to be called 'The Robin'.

2 weeks later, Spider-Man suggests that they quit looking for Robin and that he's getting sweaty. Batman then hears the bomb ticking and defuses it. Batman and Spider-Man burst in but Batman is shot by Robin. Spider-Man then springs his web at Two-Face, Joker, Penguin and Mr. Freeze, trapping them. Spider-Man and Robin then get into a fight but Spider-Man hits Robin in the face and kills him. Spider-Man then says that Robin may have taken Batman, but he'll never take Gotham.

After the credits, Batman reveals that he is not dead and that he is actually alive.