While in The Batcave, Commissioner Gordon contacts Batman and tells him that a guard spilt his coffee on the control panels and released all the villains from Arkham Asylum. Gordon asks Batman to get Robin for help.

A flashback shows Robin in a skateboard accident.

Batman goes to convince the villains to turn themselves in but ends up getting shot. Batman decides to get a sidekick interview.

Number 1

Batman interviews Short Round from Indiana Jones but skips him for being needy.

Number 2

Batman swears violently at Spongebob to get out because of his laughing.

Number 36

Batman dismisses C 3PO and R2 D2 for mistaking them to be doosh bags.

Number 164298642942953

Batman allows Superman on the team and is shocked to see him fly. Superman offers him to come on a flight with him but Batman decides to take his Batmobile.

1 hour later

Superman asks where Batman has been and he tells him that his car broke down and forced him to run there. While telling jokes, Superman and Batman bust in, but Superman flys around the villains and ties them up, leaving a shocked Batman. Batman tells Superman that he doesn't need his help and Superman begins to think that Batman is jealous. Superman asks for a beer but Batman says that the bitch around there is Robin. Commissioner Gordon tells Sperman that a guard spilt his coffe on the control panels again. Superman then flys off to stop them.

In the villains hideout, Bane is unable to protect them but Joker is forced to make a deal with Lex Luthor in exchange for Kryptonite. Superman arrives but is quickly captured when Luthor throws the Kryptonite in Superman's face.

Batman decides not to rescue Superman but is convinced by Alfred to save him and become a better hero. Batman decides to give Alfred a raise but quickly fires him after spending it on crack. The villains decide to sell Batman and Superman on EBay but are quickly killed when Batman arrives. Superman asks Batman to get him out of the cage but since Batman is jealous, he walks off, leaving Superman.

2 weeks later, the dead skeletons of everyone in the villains lair are shown.