nightwing as he appears in "Lego Batman - Nightwing Begins"

Nightwing is a cool version of Robin who was introduced as a major super-hero who used to be Robin. He became Robin again after he sliped on the floor and reverted back to being the nerdy Robin.


Nightwing was introduced in Lego Batman-Nightwing Begins. He is voiced by Forrestfire101, then Mason Howerton (Hoser76). His identity is Dick (Lol) Grayson.

Nightwing is a superhero throughout the series who works alone until Nightwing Returns. It is discovered that he became Nightwing after Batman didn't give him a loan (also because he is tired of taking Batman's crap). He then Leaves Wayne Manor. He starts living in a motel (a.k.a. "Nightwing Nest") afterwards. He dumps his costume and becomes Nightwing. His costume did not have a cape, which helped out with his athletic abilities.

Fighting CrimeEdit

After Nightwing suprised the Commissioner, who expected Batman to come, the Commissioner told Robin that the Heath Ledger Joker had escaped. He arrives at the Joker's barter seconds later. Nightwing and the Joker fight for a minute until Nightwing is hit by the icecream truck. Batman arrives shortly thereafterwards. They bothfight the Joker then Nightwing finally pins him down killing Joker with a Super shotgun, calling him a douche bag. He never joined Batman again and later lost all his money. In the end of the episode, an epilouge


Nightwing and Commissioner Gordon

reads: Nightwing then got a job as a Walmart Greeter, the worst job any human could possibly have.

Joining With Batman (again)Edit

In Lego Batman - Nightwing Returns. Nightwing realises that he cannot afford to live on his own so, Nightwing asks Batman if he can join the old team again. Batman accepts his request and hires Robin (Tim Drake) as the new butler. On Nightwing's first day back he spots an ugly woman (although Batman thought Robin was pointing at her until Robin pointed that the other girl). Nightwing then spots a damsel in distress so he steals Batman's potlight and helps the woman. The woman gives him her number, making Batman jealous (which is very hard to do).

When Batman is drinking alcohol Nightwing tells him that a bunch of villains have escaped from Arkham. Batman and Nightwing arrive at the villians' base only to see Tim Drake Robin turn bad. Nightwing does a better one-liner than Batman, so Batman shoots him. Nightwing survives becuase he had a bullet vest and pushes Batman over. Nightwing starts fighting the bad guys and kills them. After the credits Nightwing trips over giving him amnesia and forgets he became Nightwing so he changes his name back to Robin and the episode ends. He was protrayed by HeyitsCraigsubMe a.k.a. HOSER76.