Lego superman
Superman is a superhero and "friend" of Batman played by Forrestfire101. He first appears as Batman's sidekick, but is later labelled an antagonist for acting arrogant. He later forms the Justice League and apparently becomes friends with the Dark Knight.


Superman's first video included Superman calling Lex Luthor a "Dick Head". Superman's arch enemy is Lex Luthor. Superman's friend is Jimmy Olsen. He later appears in The Lego Batman & Superman Movie as Batman's sidekick. However, Superman, due to his unlimited powers, makes Batman jealous, especially when the Man of Steel begins bossing him around and acting like a "douchebag". Lex Luthor and a group of other villains capture Superman, with the help of kryptonite, and it is up to Batman to save him. The Caped Crusader arrives and defeats (murders) all of the villains, but leaves Superman in his cell for being so dickish. He later starves and rots in his cell.

He later appears in The Lego Batman, Super Man, & Spider Man Movie, where he and Spiderman are fired from their usual jobs and move in with Batman. However, they both take advantage of the Bat's blank cheak and begin acting completely unreasonable, later becoming enemies with the Bat before they are both killed.

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