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Riddler first appeared in Lego Batman vs. Bane but had a bigger role later on. He has lousy riddles but somehow Batman can't get them right. He always dies related to something hitting him whether being a bullet or batarang. He is a big baby that Batman can kill eaiser than other villains. He usually works with Bane. He also appears in many movies like The Riddler and The Riddler Returns.


In The Riddler, he first sends Batman an email saying "What's Black and White but Red all over?" Robin guesses newspaper but Batman guesses Penguin in a blender. They don't find him at the zoo so they check the Newspaper Company. On the building, it says, "Whats the Longest word in the World?" Robin guesses smiles (because mile is in between the 1st and last letter). They go to the Ice Cream shop, knocking a guy out and asking the Ice Cream manager (Professer Jones Sr. ) if he knows Riddler. Jones tells them "What do a stream and money have in common?" They go to the bank and find Riddler. One more riddle is released: "What has 2 legs in the morning and 4 at night?" Batman throws his batarang at Riddler and a car kills him. Batman guesses the Riddle is a prostitute.

The Riddler returns in Lego Batman - Riddler Returns. He kills the mayor and leaves Batman some complex riddles. The first one is "What is at the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, for the beginning of every end, at the end of every race?", carved into the mayor's body. They guess the letter E for Edward Cullen in New Moon. At the theatre, a lady reveals Riddler's 2nd riddle: "How do you divide 10 apples between 11 people?" They guess applesauce. At the applesauce factory, "I'm at the Gotham Bank" is written on it. The 2 fall into a trapdoor in the bank. The Riddler reveals himself with Batman and Robin hanging. He reveals his final riddle: "What is always broken when talked about?" Batman breaks loose and they have a short fight. Batman answers "Silence" and shoots a tracking chip in his head. It is unknown whether the Riddler will return or not. He was voiced by the famous TotallySketch.